A special ribbon

Gros grain is a ribbon whereby the weaving process creates a ribbing effect in the direction of the tram i.e. in the direction of the length of ribbon. By weaving our grosgrain ribbon on our unique navette Jacquard looms it allows us to create a very luxury ribbon with two perfectly identical selvedge.

Making Ribbons since 1864…

The Julien Faure company was founded in 1864. Our company specialises in weaving Jacquard ribbons and we are the only company in the world to own and use the six-shuttle narrow loom.
Every element of our production is “100% Made in France”, with our ateliers close to St Etienne, historically the world capital of the ribbon.

A widely used ribbon

Our luxury grosgrain ribbon is much-loved by milliners worldwide. It is also perfect for many other applications especially for embellishing and trimming accessories, clothing and shoes.