Our Ribbons

Julien Faure creates all different types of ribbon.

The grosgrain ribbon is a ribbon which has a thick woven edge.

It is a simple yet exceptionally elegant ribbon; we like to think of it as the ‘little black dress’ of ribbons.

We also create many wonderful striped grosgrain ribbon and these make up our ‘Fantasy’ collection of grosgrain ribbons.

All of our ribbons are woven in France on jacquard ribbon looms in our ateliers, situated in the celebrated ribbon region of Saint Etienne.

This jacquard technique of weaving allows us to create a perfectly formed double sided ribbon with a fine lace-like finish.

Our grosgrain ribbon is woven using a mix of viscose and cotton threads which are dyed and spun in France. We offer a considerable range of SOLID colour options, with over 120 different colours available and 6 different widths of ribbon in each of these colour options which allows us to offer 700 different models to our clients. All of our SOLID grosgrain ribbons are available to purchase on either 50m or 100m spools.

Our ‘Fantasy’ range of grosgrain ribbons are available on spools of 25 metres.

Our ribbons are widely used to adorn and embellish high end fashion collections, millinery, shoes and leather goods, upholstery and in many facets of the world of accessory design.

The ribbon is the indispensable accessory in the world of fashion.

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