Our Grosgrain ribbon

The grosgrain is a ribbon with large ribs. Our grosgrain ribbons are woven in France, mill near St-Etienne, on shuttle looms.
This technique makes it possible to obtain a ribbon with the two perfect edges with a serrated finish. The grosgrain is woven with viscose and cotton yarns dyed in France.

We decline it in 120 permanent colors and 6 widths, more than 700 different models. Available on stock in 50 or 100 meter rolls.

The grosgrain is particularly suitable for multiple uses, such as hat, shoes, man and woman clothing, furnishings and all kinds of textile accessories.

It is also a must for fashion.

Rubain gros - La cerise sur le chapeau
Ruban gros grain - Chaussure Louboutin
Métier à tisser Julien Faure
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